Veiled Truth

As many of you know, I've been working on a series of paintings which is my response the way in which our society is becoming increasingly accepting of obscured truth.  Seems like there were 'the good old days' when truth was a shared acceptance of facts. Today, many seem openly willing to twist the facts to form a purported truth and the public often appears willing  to believe such twisted sets of statements as truth. Rather than stating something as opinion we have ended up with public discourse continually debating one 'truth' versus another 'truth'.  This cannot be healthy for a well-functioning society. My paintings in my Truth series are my response, expressing this by reflecting the layers of facts and underlying truths obscured by layers over layers of obfuscation. I am thrilled that one of my favorite recent paintings in this series, Veiled Truth, a 42"x 42" oil painting on cradled wood panel, has found a home with a collector.