Two Art Events in Two Nights This Weekend

I participated in two shows this weekend so it was certainly a busy couple of days.  The first was the ManyMine show at OA Gallery in Kirwood, Missouri.  This was the second consevutive year that I've been invited to be in the show and two of my smaller oil paintings were included. They looked great and the gallery packed for the reception on Friday evening. Then on Saturday I was one of 20 artists pariticpating in a pop-up show called "20 Grand" at the Grandel Theater in St. Louis and coordinated by the Kranzberg Foundation for the Arts. This event was a bit different, with 20 artists settting up in space on the afternoon of the show and then the event ran 6-9:30 and then we had to take down the event. I think perhaps these types of events should be called "pop-up/pop-down" shows since the pop-up part is only half the work and breaking down the show happens when everyone is tired.  Anyway, it all went quite well with some fun pieces selling and an engaged group of art enthusiasts coming through the space.  There was a Dave Glover performance in the main Grandel Theater space below us, Garrison Keillor was live at the Fox Theater around the corner and there a symphony at Powell Hall across the street, so the neighborhood was busy. All in all, it was a fun couple of evenings and another great opportunity to share my work.  I appreciate all the support, visits, collecters!, and all of the other artists.