Some artists don't enjoy commissioned paintings, but I do.

I completed a commissioned painting last week and it was installed in the office of the art buyer today. It looks fantastic in the space and I couldn't be happier with the result. They art buyer loves it, too. A real win-win! I really do enjoy painting commissions. Some artists avoid them because they feel an extra level of stress. Stress to deliver to the expectations of the art buyer, stress to deliver on time, and stress to meet specific commitments that may have been made, all along with a fear that the buyer will not like the final painting and not knowing what would then happen. I have to admit the fear of rejection is always present. But I've always enjoyed creating paintings for buyers that specifically request a painting from me. It's a joy knowing that my work is desired and I am painting for a buyer who is already excited to receive a painting by me. I my experience, starting from this place of mutual respect is a huge energy boost. I also understand that sometimes a buyer is reluctant to ask questions for fear of looking 'uneducated about art'. But I let them know I am open and transparent about how I approach a project and that it is ok to ask questions. We talk about what they like or don't like in other paintings, how they want to feel (energetic, serene, etc.) and what colors they might enjoy. I explain my process and we agree on the details about size, materials, timing and price before anything gets started.  In my experience this mutual understanding leads to great results. I feel free as a painter to pursue my vision and create work I love, knowing that I am creating for someone who wants to own my work.  It has always (so far!!) worked out very well and I enjoy the process. Interested? Let me know, no obligation at all to discuss the idea and never a hard sell. The whole idea is to have a conversation and a mutual respect for the process. Let's paint!