La France est un paradis pour les peintres

Hello! France is a painter's paradise.  Or so they say.  I'll have an opportunity to find out when I paint in residency on the beautiful property of Chateau Orquevaux in Orquevaux, France.  Located about 3 hours to the east of Paris in the Champagne region, this artist residency will be an experience I never could have dreamed would happen. This art journey of mine continues to bring good fortune and new surprises.  One thing I have learned is that I need to put myself in position for these opportunities to happen. That means working at my art and always trying to improve. It also means talking with artists and art collectors to learn more each and every day and, perhaps most importantly, it means also giving back to others and building relationships without the expectation of anything in return and trusting that the universe will return the favor.  I'm very thankful. 

I'll write more in a further post, but I've been giving a lot of thought to the meaning behind much of my work. Abstract painting is ultimately a very deep internal expression of the artist, and it involves a high degree of risk to put yourself out there in full view. That risk, that fear, is also what creates the ultimate satisfaction when the art reflects the intent of the artist. From fear to exhiliration, it is all there. Lately I've been thinking about issues that matter to me, and how art often reflects interpretations of the issues confronting society. Some art is simply 'pretty art', other art is more complex and personal, and still other art is societal commentary. I have always steered somewhat away from societal commentary and focused more on personal expression through my art. Some of my more recent work is allowing societal commentary to creep in, perhaps because we seem to be at a new place in our culture in which we are all trying to sort out how to move forward as a community when views have become so divergent. It's on my mind and I think it is a natural evolution for some of my ideas to become present in my painting. I don't think of this as being overtly political but rather more a commentary of society in general.  Not left or right, red or blue, but more of an intellectual exploration of how a community wants to seek truth and resolve defferences.  I'll continue to think about these issues in an intellectual way and we will see how it expresses itself in my art.  That's part of the fun of the art journey - discovering where it will lead.  Au revoir pour le moment. (Goodbye for now.)