Miss Orr Had Style

Yes, art is in the eye of the beholder. Miss Orr was my fourth grade teacher.  I didn't know it them, but she had style.

I have a high school reunion (don't ask how many years!) coming up, and an old friend shared a photo from our 4th grade class.  At the time, I was in my studio thinking about some newer directions in the my most recent paintings.  I have been focusing hard on the important of value in my oil and cold wax paintings.  As anyone who follows my art will know, I love color.  It always comes through in my work.  Value refers to the relative light or darkness of a color.  Every color has a value and it can be adjusted when mixing colors. I was thinking about the importance of having a primary or dominant value in a painting and then using hints of contrasting values to make a strong visual image. It was at that moment that I saw the photo of Miss Orr (as I knew her back in 4th grade, she has been Mrs. Sally Bokal for quite some time ;)  Her dress in the photo is a dominant light value with highlights of a darker contrasting value.  The fact that the dress is white with black serves as a reminder that color itself may be secondary to the value.  That is, this dress would work even if it were light yellow with highlights of a contrasting dark purple.  It is the value structure that makes the design work.  That's my thought for the day....Miss Orr had style.

Miss Orr Grade 4